Servicejoy Online Invoicing Software

Servicejoy is a simple and effective online software for managing client invoices, estimates, businesses expenses, and tasks.

I believe that the first weapon for fighting the villain of complexity is a hatchet. Studies have found that 80% of users use only 20% of software features. Not only are all those unused features a waste of development time, but they mainly detract rather than add value by making the application more difficult to use. Applications that try to do everything often struggle to do anything well. I’ve designed Servicejoy to isolate most important problems and solve them brilliantly. As 37signals would say, “Underdo your competition.”

I’ve designed the UX and UI and Servicejoy developers made it a reality. When a given feature didn’t help the majority of users accomplish their frequent invoicing tasks, I left it out. I looked for ways to reuse components of the interface. Reusing them for different purposes had two advantages: less development time, and a more consistent experience. I strongly believe that if a user learns how to achieve one task, they can apply that same knowledge to accomplishing a second task as long as it is implemented consistently.

Research, UI/UX Design, Creative Direction