HomeInfoMax Property Records

HomeInfoMax is the largest online source of public property & ownership records in the United States. It provides instant search for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural property information for over 3,100 counties in 50 states.

I’ve designed the user interfaces of the consumer area for requesting and pulling county, city and zip code reports. Property reports are very complex (especially commercial property reports) and they include huge amount of critical data. Since one of the key competitive edges of the company is simplicity of complex reports, one of my challenges was to design them so they are easy to digest for an average user and to make it addictively simple to navigate throughout piles of previously pulled reports. Each property report also included features such as instant print, save into the user’s account, converting xml data into various formats then download and Google/Bing mapping features.

Research, UI/UX Design, Front-End Development, Creative Direction