Delex Business Management Tool

Delex is full-service domestic and international fright forwarder. They have offices in New York, Washington, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, England, Germany, Nigeria, China, Korea and Australia. In 2009, Delex moved more than 3,400 tons of air cargo.

I’ve designed an easy to use internal business management tool that allows both Delex and its partners to fulfill their key daily tasks such as tracking freight, attaching and e-signing documents, modifying project statuses, adding and removing partner accounts (incl. partner users), instantly searching through huge amount of information, requesting printer friendly import and export requests, adding comments to each project, viewing auto-biography on all freight projects, modifying multi-level user permissions and getting meaningful updates via email with an ability to manage such notifications. I’ve also proposed and eventually designed an instant shipment quote calculator and currency / unit / square & cube converters.

I later ended-up managing the team of front and back-end developers and worked with the QA team and successfully delivered the polished tool to the client. It is now being used by Delex and it’s international business partners, daily and globally.

Research, UI/UX Design, Front-End Development, Creative Direction, Back-End Development Management