Vahan Avagyan

Located in NYC, I provide matchless UI, UX and other design services to small, medium and enterprise clients.

I’m a senior level independent product designer & strategist with 14+ years of experience in the interactive space. My hourly rate varies from $250 – $350, depending on a number of different factors (listed below).

I make a distinctions between:

  • my regular rate and a subcontracting rate (who’s getting paid for the sales?)
  • brains vs hands work (consultant vs freelancer)
  • day rate vs multi-month projects (price declines over time)
  • different levels of experience or expertise
  • am I being hired for a unique expertise (or commodity skills)
  • etc.

While my rate may seem triple that of “Web designers,” my clients often save money and get better results. I’ve developed some ridiculously fast ways to work, and I can avoid rookie mistakes.

I start right from the discovery and design phase – turning your ideas, wireframes, style guides, and architecture into polished screens and clickable prototypes.

User experience is a very critical element of development process that drives any application (simple or complex) to success. If the visual appeal is amazing but there is no ease to use, visitors will still be perplexed. An application is successful only if its user interface as well as, user experience are well planned and user-friendly.

Work with me.